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The BAG is a hidden Los Angeles gem that will be exhibiting incredible and unique works of art.  Each year the gallery will host a number of exhibitions, programs, and events that help bring the general public closer to the wonderful world of artistic beauty.

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, Sierra Madre is a charming community just minutes outside of Los Angeles proper.  Sierra Madre is home to The BAG - Baldwin Avenue Gallery. Sure to become an artistic and cultural influence, We opened our doors during the Covid-19 pandemic even though opening a gallery during a pandemic lockdown seemed counter-intuitive it made perfect sense to us.  

With the understanding, a society that maintains its love and appreciation for the beauty of fine arts maintains its humanity.  The BAG is a triumph over the darkness.

The BAG is a culmination of life experiences, creativity and a passion for artistic expressions from around the globe with an unwavering commitment to enhancing artistic awareness and growth by providing opportunities to the creative talents of artists that desire to shift the social paradigm to a more loving world.

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Mary Hoffman - Serr

Art Curator/Owner

With advanced education in Design and Merchandising Mary has an acuity for placement, form and visual presentation.  Her professional career is comprised of over 20 years in management. She has successfully managed all aspects of business - top down, for companies both small and large.


An art lover and appreciator of all that is creative Mary brings her passion and dedication to her new role as business owner and curator at The BAG.

Cheers to bold moves and the road ahead!

Michael Todd Serr


With more than four decades of top tier domestic and international management positions in the film and success consulting industries Michael brings a broad acumen of business knowledge.  As a curator he has turned his attention to the success of individual artists and the art community at large by offering his unique insights into the reality of affluent preferences and likely investments.

As an artist Michael is an advocate for the freedom of artistic expression and is a trendsetter in the development and execution of new ideas to help fellow artist's create more productive and harmonious relationships with viewers and buyers alike.

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